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The Words of Wisdom podcast brings to life the Book of Proverbs so that the listener can learn and appreciate the practical wisdom and value of this important book of the Bible. With insights from the biblical culture as well as helpful explanations about Hebrew poetry, imagery, and themes, Jerry Wierwille takes the listener on a journey to discover and apply the truth in this ancient book, which still speaks to us today!
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Ep 29 – The Future Can Be Fickle (Prov. 27:1)

    The wise person doesn’t boast about the future plans they have. Instead, they live day by day, trusting in Yahweh and the plans that he is bringing about in their life. While the future is unknown to us, Yahweh knows what is ahead and he will provide and take ...


  2. Ep 28 – Don’t Seek to Get Rich Quick (Prov. 28:20)

    Yahweh designed us to work, and there is an inherent pleasure in honest, hard work. Those who understand this will find life more fulfilling and satisfying. If we are faithful as trustworthy and reliable workers, Yahweh will bless the work of our hands and will provide what we need. ...


  3. Ep 27 – Hard Work Will Be Rewarded (Prov. 27:18)

    The reward of hard work is not more work (as the popular saying goes), but rather being able to enjoy the fruit of one’s labor. Hard work might not seem pleasant in the moment; it requires exertion, dedication, and much time. But all that effort is not lost or ...


  4. Ep 26 – A Word at the Right Time (Prov. 15:23)

    As we seek to walk with wisdom and to give a fitting answer at the right time, we need to realize and be confident in the fact that our words can shape the future of others and can help them overcome an obstacle, be comforted when hurting, or give ...


  5. Ep 25 – Fast Money Doesn’t Last (Prov. 13:11)

    If we are willing to work hard and be mindful of the money we receive, God can help us steward our finances well and receive the greatest value and blessing from them. The key principle is really not how much you earn, but it’s what you do with it. ...