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For those who want to grow in making healthy and wise decisions, Words of Wisdom is a podcast dedicated to helping you understand the Book of Proverbs and be able to apply the rich wisdom it has to offer and how it still speaks powerfully to our lives today.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Ep 40 - Lady Folly is a Fraud - Pt 2 (Prov. 9.17)

    The voice of Lady Folly tempts people to see sweet and pleasant things in what is mischievous and rebellious. Her allure is in the excitement and thrill of getting away with what we want. But she doesn’t tell you that her rewards are superficial and temporary, and they often ...


  2. Ep 39 - Lady Folly is a Fraud - Pt 1 (Prov. 9.13-18)

    Lady Folly is a personification of the attribute of foolishness. She imitates wisdom as she tries to seduce people to listen to her, offering enticing and appealing things to lure naïve people into her trap. But that is like any replica, it is designed to look like the authentic. ...


  3. Ep 38 - Don't Mess With A Fool (Prov. 17.12)

    We might think of foolishness as a relatively harmless characteristic of a person, but the Book of Proverbs thinks much differently about it. Foolishness is very harmful and destructive. We might not immediately perceive the wickedness in foolishness, but its consequences will come to bite everyone who is involved. ...


  4. Ep 37 - Don’t Misplace Your Confidence (Prov. 25.19)

    What sort of person would you call upon if you were in a pinch and needed help? Should what you know regarding a person’s character affect your degree of confidence in them? Wisdom is about having discernment, and therefore, knowing someone’s character and established pattern of behavior is important ...


  5. Ep 36 - Injustice is an Abomination (Prov. 17.15; 24.23-25)

    Justice is something that Yahweh God cares deeply about. Judicial systems are set up to maintain justice, but they are flawed. Sometimes the innocent are convicted while the guilty go free. In Yahweh’s eyes, any perversion of justice is an abomination. He is disgusted when wrong is called right, ...