Ep 67 - Strategy Trumps Strength (Prov. 21:22)

Episode 67 August 03, 2022 00:16:29
Ep 67 - Strategy Trumps Strength (Prov. 21:22)
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Ep 67 - Strategy Trumps Strength (Prov. 21:22)

Show Notes

Our world tends to prize brawn over brains, thinking that the stronger you are, the better you are. But muscle can only get you so far. Wisdom and understanding in a situation can get you much farther than brute strength alone. A sharp mind with understanding will outdo strength any day because it is not just working hard physically that yields success, but working smart as well.

Illustration: American wrestler Rulon Gardner’s shocking victory over undefeated Russian champion Alexander Karelin to claim gold medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games 

Verses: Prov. 21:22; 16:32

Teacher: Jerry Wierwille

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