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For those who want to grow in making healthy and wise decisions, Words of Wisdom is a podcast dedicated to helping you understand the Book of Proverbs and be able to apply the rich wisdom it has to offer and how it still speaks powerfully to our lives today.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Ep 45 - Wisdom Will Guard You (Prov. 2.9-11)

    Wisdom is a multi-faceted reality that can be described as consisting of understanding, insight, discretion, discernment, and many other important qualities. The practical value of wisdom is that it safeguards us against making bad choices and suffering the consequences of foolish mistakes. In this way, wisdom is our protector and ...


  2. Ep 44 - Wisdom Comes From Yahweh (Prov. 2.6-8)

    The Book of Proverbs is filled with wisdom, but where does that wisdom come from? Many of the proverbs are the words of Solomon, but their origin lies with Yahweh who is the source of all wisdom. If we desire to have true wisdom in life, then we must seek ...


  3. Ep 43 - The Greatest Treasure (Prov. 2.1-5)

    We desire many things in life, and we often expend much energy striving to attain them. But sometimes we don’t put forth the effort that is needed, or we don’t stick with it long enough to see the results. We must not have that sort of short-sighted attitude or half-hearted ...


  4. Ep 42 - Finding Lady Wisdom - Pt 2 (Prov. 9.6)

    In a succinct and powerful statement, Lady Wisdom exhorts listeners to “Leave their naïve ways and live.” We all have areas of foolishness in our lives, but sometimes changing our habits and ways of thinking is difficult and takes time and determination. But walking on the road of understanding will ...


  5. Ep 41 - Finding Lady Wisdom - Pt 1 (Prov. 9.1-6)

    Lady Wisdom is a personification of the attribute of wisdom. She invites people to come and dine with her as a metaphor for listening to her and learning from her. In her presence, her guests can experience many wonderful and satisfying things that show how gracious and beneficial she ...