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The Words of Wisdom podcast brings to life the Book of Proverbs so that the listener can learn and appreciate the practical wisdom and value of this important book of the Bible. With insights from the biblical culture as well as helpful explanations ...more

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August 03, 2022 00:16:29
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Ep 67 - Strategy Trumps Strength (Prov. 21:22)

Our world tends to prize brawn over brains, thinking that the stronger you are, the better you are. But muscle can only get you so far. Wisdom and understanding in a situation can get you much farther than brute strength alone. A sharp mind with understanding will outdo strength any day because it is not just working hard physically that yields success, but working smart as well. Illustration: American wrestler Rulon Gardner’s shocking victory over undefeated Russian champion Alexander Karelin to claim gold medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games  Verses: Prov. 21:22; 16:32 Teacher: Jerry Wierwille ...



July 13, 2022 00:17:46
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Ep 66 - Worse Than A Fool: Wise In Your Own Eyes (Prov. 26:12)

Everyone has an innate desire to be right and to be knowledgeable about what they are doing. Sometimes this desire grows out of control, and we lose perception of reality by thinking that we are always right and have all the answers. We can deceive ourselves into thinking we are smarter and more understanding than we really are. Until our mindset changes, we are hopelessly lost in a fiction of our own making. Illustration: Alaskan bush pilot Mark Rose mocked God and was full of pride until near-death circumstances caused him to change his mind and believe in God. Verses:Prov. 26:12, 16; 28:11, 26; 3:7 Teacher: Jerry Wierwille ...



June 15, 2022 00:18:14
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Ep 65 - Raging Against Yahweh (Prov. 19:3)

When things go wrong in life, we tend to look for someone to blame. Rarely do we naturally like to assume responsibility for our poor choices. Instead of realizing that we made a stupid decision, and it is our fault for why things are the way they are, our sinful human inclination is to transfer the fault to something or someone else. In doing this, we forfeit the opportunity to recognize and learn from our mistakes. Illustration: Bruce Nolan suffering the consequences of his foolish choices and then blaming God for the misfortune in his life, from the movie Bruce Almighty. Verses: Prov. 19:3 Teacher: Jerry Wierwille ...



May 18, 2022 00:19:10
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Ep 64 - Throwing It All Away (Prov. 5:20-23)

Some things in life it seems like we can escape from, or at least avoid the direct consequences of them. But when it comes to sin, the consequences always seem to find a way to come around and bite us in the end. That is because sin is destructive no matter which way you look at it. It will destroy you and likely also injure those around you. And if it is the sin of adultery, you can be sure the damage will be severe. It will bring great harm upon you, everyone involved, and countless others. Illustration: Carl Lentz, prominent and highly successful Hillsong Church pastor in New York City, and the adultery that destroyed his life and his career in Christian ministry. Verses: -- Prov. 5:20-23; 14:12; 16:25; Rom 14:10-12; 1 Tim 5:24 Teacher: -- Jerry Wierwille ...



April 27, 2022 00:22:20
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Ep 63 - Go Astray in Her Love (Prov. 5:15-19)

Yahweh intended man and woman to be united in marriage and to enjoy sexual intimacy within that union. Our world condones people seeking to satisfy their sexual cravings in various ways that do not honor Yahweh’s design for the flourishing of humankind. Husbands and wives are to see their spouse as the sole avenue for sexual pleasure to protect and honor their marriage covenant. Faithful husbands and wives will be blessed as they enjoy many years of satisfying each other and being captivated by their love. Illustration: Bill Yaconis, a dear friend and wonderful example of a faithful husband for over five decades. Verses: Prov. 5:15-19; Song 4:1-5; 5:1 Teacher: Jerry Wierwille ...



April 07, 2022 00:19:03
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Ep 62 - It's Too Late Now (Prov. 5:12-14)

Some say that experience is our greatest teacher. And its true that when we make mistakes, and they come with far-reaching effects, we realize very quickly how wrong the choice was that we made. But we can’t go back and change what we did. All of the choices in our lives are one-way streets, and once we figure out that we have been heading down a particular road, it’s too late to undo what has been done. We have to live with the consequences. Illustration: Two stories of men who share how their adultery cost them everything they hold dear. Verses: Prov. 5:12-14; 12:15 Teacher: Jerry Wierwille ...