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Teachings from Spirit and Truth, a worldwide community of Christians who desire to make known the written Word of God so as to proclaim the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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  1. Crisis in Colossae

    The Book of Philemon contains amazing insights into personal relationships among believers. Paul’s letter reveals much about how the Body of Christ is to work together in unity and forgiveness. This deep look into Paul’s demonstrated love for Onesimus and Philemon explores how the blend of grace and truth ...


  2. Jesus – The Red Thread

    Throughout Scripture, we are presented with many accounts of people who walked bravely down the path of God’s will that was laid out before them. Each one points toward a bigger picture, Jesus Christ, and together they form the “red thread” of scripture. This teaching explores the source of ...


  3. Making the Most of Your Time / Invest in Your God-Given Talent

    This pair of teachings addresses making the most of the time and talent God has given us. First, explore the importance of doing our best now, because our time in this life is limited. How we spend our time will echo in eternity. Next, the Parable of the Talents ...


  4. What is Faith?

    The Greek word pistis is often translated “faith,” but what does it mean? The concept of “faith” in the Bible is commonly misunderstood. Learn the history of “the Word of Faith Movement” and how trying to make things happen by “just having faith” puts an immense amount ...


  5. Prepare to Win

    Competing in a grueling athletic event requires proper training and preparation. Each Christian has a racecourse laid out ahead of him and to win our race we must prepare ourselves. We prepare for good works, prepare to give an answer, prepare to resist, prepare to fight, and prepare to ...