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Teachings from Spirit and Truth, a worldwide community of Christians who desire to make known the written Word of God so as to proclaim the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ.
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  1. Can Anything Separate Us From the Love of God?

    One of the believer’s privileges set forth in the book of Romans is “eternal life.” This teaching explores what it means to be “more than a conqueror “in Christ by illustrating that the theme of Romans is the “good news” of Jesus Christ. An overview of chapters 1-8 of Romans reveals the scope of the epistle, clearly portraying the ...


  2. Fulfilling Your Function in the Body of Christ

    Teacher: Jeff Tyler What is the work that God has called us to do? This is a vital subject for all Christians to know and understand, so that we can be as effective as possible for Christ. In this LIVE teaching on “Fulfilling Your Function in the Body of Christ” from ...


  3. Living Wholeheartedly

    Teacher: Caitlyn Theisen Living wholeheartedly is difficult to do in a fallen world. But when we go through life with hearts that are numb, we are unable to fully experience the beautiful things that come from the heart-including the depths of joy and love-because we are afraid to also feel the ...


  4. When It Hurts to Bend the Knee

    Teacher: Jerry Wierwille “Worship” is a common word that is often thrown around in Christianity. But what few people realize is that there is a lot more to worshipping God than prayer, going to church, and singing praise. A large and overlooked part of worship involves sacrifice. Part of our worship is ...


  5. Thinking Like God Thinks

    Teacher: John Schoenheit Isaiah 55:8 is a verse that has been used over and over again to explain away many uncomfortable things about life by covering up unbiblical doctrines, and as a result it has set a false barrier between God and many people. In this three-part teaching titled “Thinking Like God ...