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Teachings from Spirit and Truth, a worldwide community of Christians who desire to make known the written Word of God so as to proclaim the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ.
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  1. Family Unity

    Teachers: The Theisen Family  We are so blessed and excited to share this LIVE teaching from the 2018 STF National Event! In this three-part teaching on Ephesians 5:21-6:4, the Theisen Family explores the topic of unity and our Christian walk as it pertains to the family. In the first segment, Gary & ...


  2. A Look into Ezekiel

    Teachers: John Schoenheit The Book of Ezekiel can be very difficult to understand. It is a deeply detailed section of Scripture that requires a lot of attention, but there are many lessons we can learn if we take the time in prayer and research to better comprehend both the content and background ...


  3. Free Will

    Teacher: Dennis Hickman The subject of free will is an important one to our Christian walk as it helps us to fully understand God’s interaction with mankind now and throughout the ages past. Freedom of will has a powerful impact on our relationship with God and our understanding of Him, because ...


  4. Blessing One Another

    Teachers: John Schoenheit The Body of Christ is a family, and God calls us to elevate our fellow Christians through our actions, speech, and conduct. The New Testament gives many commands about how to relate to one another, but much of Christianity doesn’t realize that the phrase “one another” refers specifically ...


  5. Rewards in the Future Kingdom

    Teacher: John Schoenheit The subject of rewards in the coming Kingdom of Christ on earth is not very well understood, and for a number of reasons. Perhaps the biggest one is the common teaching that people go to heaven when they die and live there forever—but without any certainty of what ...