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  1. Family Unity

    This three-part teaching explores the topic of unity in our Christian walk. The first segment brings insight regarding care, respect, and submission between husbands and wives. The next addresses the parent/child relationship, how our earthly parental relationships reflect our relationship with God. The final segment explores the master/servant relationship, and the necessity for love, care, honor and respect for others.  Verses: Eph. 5:21-6:4; ...


  2. A Look into Ezekiel

    This teaching introduces us to the prophet Ezekiel, focusing on the first 3 chapters of the Book of Ezekiel, which, although difficult to understand, contain many lessons we can learn from Ezekiel’s life and visions.  The teaching includes a vivid description of God’s chariot throne, His glory, and His commands to speak His words whether others listen or not.  Verses: Ezek. ...


  3. Free Will

    This teaching covers the concept of free will in the Bible and Christian life, exploring God’s interplay with us as we choose day-to-day whether to honor God and do His will, or to simply accomplish our own agenda. All decisions, good or bad, have consequences. Godly choices lead to Godly results. His desire for us is to voluntarily choose to love Him and be a part of His ...


  4. Blessing One Another

    Many Christians do not realize that the biblical phrase “one another” refers specifically to Christians. God commands us to act for the benefits of “one another” in specific ways. This teaching explores how “one another” is used in the New Testament, offering practical advice for how we can best support and uplift one another in genuine love as we strive to obey ...


  5. Rewards in the Future Kingdom

    The subject of rewards in the coming Kingdom of Christ on earth is not very well understood. However, rewards are addressed in dozens of verses, which explain the kinds of rewards we can earn, how our inheritance can be a reward, and whether or not we can lose our rewards. When Christ sets ...