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Teachings from Spirit and Truth, a worldwide community of Christians who desire to make known the written Word of God so as to proclaim the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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  1. Healthily Processing Anger

    Teacher: Karen Theisen The teaching also looks at the physiological, psychological, and spiritual prices we pay when we inappropriately deal with our anger. By Karen Theisen .pf-button.pf-button-excerpt { display: none; } ...


  2. Overcoming Evil with Good: A Response to the Tragedy of September 11, 2001

    Teacher: John Schoenheit This tape examines these issues from the Word of God and shows that God is not responsible in any way for terror or death. It also examines our proper biblical response to evil so that we can have a safe and free society. By John Schoenheit. .pf-button.pf-button-excerpt { display: ...


  3. The Role of Women in the Church – Part 2

    Teacher: Sue Carlson Women have been excluded from teaching and leading in the Christian Church, historically and currently. I Timothy 2:11-15 has been used to support this stance. This teaching clarifies the meaning of these verses…by Sue Carlson .pf-button.pf-button-excerpt { display: none; } ...


  4. Reaching out with the love of God; Christianity – The come as you are party

    Teacher: John Schoenheit Jesus Christ showed us how to reach out with the love of God. He loved both the sinners and the Pharisees who were around him. In so doing, he left us a model to follow and showed that the language of love is universal. By John Schoenheit .pf-button.pf-button-excerpt { ...


  5. Proverbs: Wisdom for All Ages

    Teacher: John Schoenheit This tape examines some of the structure of Proverbs, and show that the famous section of chapter 31:1-31 is not speaking about a “virtuous woman,” but is rather figurative language regarding “women” called “Wisdom and “Folly.” By John Schoenheit .pf-button.pf-button-excerpt { display: none; } ...