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  1. Healthy Submission

    This teaching is not only a step toward greater understanding of God‘s heart for marriage, but also an exhortation to all in the Body of Christ to show their submission to the Lord Jesus by demonstrating appropriate submission to others.   Verses: Eph. 4:1-4, 15; 5:13, 21-32; 6:13; Phil. ...


  2. Self Talk

    This teaching examines the scriptural basis for carefully considering what we are thinking about and “talking to ourselves” about, especially when what we are dwelling on in our minds is contradictory to God’s Word.   Verses: Rom. 10:17; Prov. 23:7; Phil. 4:4-9; 2 Cor. 10:5; 1 Sam. 27:1; 30:6 ...


  3. Financial Stewardship: God’s Heart Concerning Money and Possessions

    This teaching develops the concept of “stewardship” as the Biblical balance between the poverty and prosperity extremes taught by some Christians. It summarizes five principles of stewardship and examines the Biblical concept of ownership and property rights.  Verses: Matt. 6:24; 17:20; 21:21; 25:21-45; Luke 6:20-24; 12:22, 32; Mark ...


  4. TRANSFORMATION: Becoming like Christ

    Teacher: John Schoenheit The Bible says that Christians are to be “imitators of God,” and live a life of love as Jesus Christ did. Doing so requires us to get rid of anger, bitterness, and evil communication, and to purify our hearts. By John Schoenheit .pf-button.pf-button-excerpt { display: none; } ...


  5. Women: Man’s View or God’s View?

    Teacher: Sue Carlson This sequel to The Role of Women in the Church (Mar/Apr 1996). This teaching is a powerful encouragement to women who have doubted God’s calling because of false interpretations of difficult passages of Scripture. By Sue Carlson .pf-button.pf-button-excerpt { display: none; } ...