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Teachings from Spirit and Truth, a worldwide community of Christians who desire to make known the written Word of God so as to proclaim the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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  1. Failure of Idols, Lilies in a World of Thorns, and Spiritual Success vs. Worldly Success – LOL 06, Part 2

    Teachers: Shawn Mercer, Natalie Lawrence, and Kristen Burk.  This is Part Two of teachings from the 2006 Live Out Loud Teens and Twenties Conference. The three teachers (with the titles of their teachings) are: Shawn Mercer, Natalie Lawrence, and Kristen Burk. .pf-button.pf-button-excerpt { display: none; } ...


  2. Gossip, Whom or What do You Worship, and Courage – LOL 06, Part 1

    This teaching features the youth of our fellowship community, with teachings recorded live at the 2006 Live Out Loud Teens and Twenties Conference. We think you will find their zeal and enthusiasm for God’s Word encouraging as well as contagious. .pf-button.pf-button-excerpt { display: none; } ...


  3. Job – The Righteous Sufferer

    Teacher: John Schoenheit This teaching by John Schoenheit gives an overview of the book of Job, with a detailed explanation of the first few chapters, and highlights throughout the rest of the book. .pf-button.pf-button-excerpt { display: none; } ...


  4. The Benefits of Thanks – Living

    Teachers: John Schoenheit, Dan Gallagher This teaching provides a powerful new perspective on the subject of thankfulness. We know that we are to be thankful but consider the benefits flowing from an attitude of gratitude. By John Schoenheit and Dan Gallagher .pf-button.pf-button-excerpt { display: none; } ...


  5. An Overview of the Sacred Secret

    Teacher: John Schoenheit For ages and generations God kept a sacred secret so huge, and so wonderful, that had Satan known it he would not have crucified Jesus Christ. Today, in the Age of Grace, God has made known that secret to anyone who cares to read the Church Epistles… .pf-button.pf-button-excerpt { ...