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Teachings from Spirit and Truth, a worldwide community of Christians who desire to make known the written Word of God so as to proclaim the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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  1. Our Guarantee of Salvation

    Teacher: John Schoenheit In this teaching, John Schoenheit examines scriptures from the Old Testament, Gospels, and the Epistles to the Christian Church, showing that from the moment one is born again of God’s spirit, he/she has the absolute guarantee of salvation. .pf-button.pf-button-excerpt { display: none; } ...


  2. Truth Matters – Parts 2 and 3

    Teacher: Dan Gallagher Truth Matters is a series of teachings in which we examine the existence of truth, seek to discover what truth is, and learn what it means to walk in the light of truth. Teachings: The Characteristics of Truth and How Truth is Revealed by Dan Gallagher. .pf-button.pf-button-excerpt { display: ...


  3. The Birth of Christ

    Teacher: John Schoenheit In this teaching, John Schoenheit gives a more accurate account of the birth of Christ, one supported both by Scripture and biblical custom. Joseph and Mary arrived in Bethlehem a number of days before the birth of Jesus, and were taken into the home… .pf-button.pf-button-excerpt { display: none; } ...


  4. What is the Church?

    Teachers: Dan Gallagher, John Schoenheit Every Sunday around the world, and most especially in the western world, millions of Christians “go to church.” Dan Gallagher and John Schoenheit team up in this conversational presentation to explode the traditional definition of a “church” … .pf-button.pf-button-excerpt { display: none; } ...


  5. Mary, the Mother of Jesus: Defining True Greatness

    Teacher: John Schoenheit This teaching covers many aspects of Mary’s life and character that show she was a truly great woman of God. She was a good wife and mother, and an exemplary disciple of Christ. Mary often is not given the recognition she deserves… by John Schoenheit .pf-button.pf-button-excerpt { display: none; ...