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Teachings from Spirit and Truth, a worldwide community of Christians who desire to make known the written Word of God so as to proclaim the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ.
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  1. Live Joyfully in Every Circumstance

    Teacher: Jeff Tyler Philippians is a wonderful part of the Church Epistles, a letter penned by Paul with an abundance of encouragement and instruction for believers. One of the greatest aspects of Philippians is the depth of exploration into joy and endurance and how, through our reliance on Jesus and our ...


  2. God’s Unique Day

    Teacher: John Schoenheit Zechariah 14:6-7 speak of a “unique” day known only to Yahweh. Our God has quite a challenge to take on: restore our fallen world, with its many flaws, to the state of “Paradise” as it was in the Garden of Eden. But God is up to the challenge and ...


  3. Righteousness: Doing Right by God and People

    Teacher: John Schoenheit It’s important to every Christian’s walk that we understand the meaning of righteousness, especially as it’s used in the New Testament. While the use of “righteousness” was often blended in the Old Testament and Gospels, it has two distinct meanings in the New Testament Epistles: having a right standing ...


  4. The Day of Pentecost

    Teacher: John Schoenheit On the Day of Pentecost in Acts 2, God started the Christian Church. Peter taught about who Jesus Christ was and what had happened to him, and everyone who believed God had raised Jesus from the dead and made him Lord was born again and added to the brand ...


  5. Stir Up the Gift

    Teacher: Jeff Tyler God’s plan of redemption and salvation means that when we are saved, we become part of God’s family. In that, everyone has a gift ministry, a service to perform—something God has equipped and enabled them to do. God encourages us to grow up and serve Him by using ...