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Teachings from Spirit and Truth, a worldwide community of Christians who desire to make known the written Word of God so as to proclaim the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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  1. That’s Ironic

    God is a master in His use of irony. Whether verbal or situational, the outcome is often the complete opposite of what was said or seemingly intended. Sometimes the irony is very subtle, but at times it is like a neon sign flashing the words, “God is at work ...


  2. Mature in Christ

    It should be the goal of every Christian to become mature in Christ. But if we have the wrong idea about what that means, we can set goals for ourselves that are unattainable and that leave us feeling defeated. Believers may have problems in this world, but mature believers ...


  3. We Ought to Obey God Rather Than Men

    In Acts 5 the Apostles declared “We ought to obey God rather than men.” In many cultures and societies around the world, we are seeing increasing attacks on Christian values and the passage of laws that contradict the ways of God. This teaching explores the concept of obedience to ...


  4. Rough Weather Ahead

    Many parts of the world are experiencing weather patterns that are unprecedented in recent history. This should not be surprising as the Bible clearly ties weather patterns to the behavior of the people in a country. This three-segment teaching covers the nature of the earth as a war zone ...


  5. Effective Witnessing for Christ

    Jesus directed his followers to be witnesses for him. Yet so many in the Body of Christ are not actively spreading the Good News. This teaching examines the problems that keep Christians from witnessing and provides practical solutions that will help many become more comfortable and effective in witnessing ...