Spirit & Truth Podcast

When It Hurts to Bend the Knee

Spirit & Truth Podcast
When It Hurts to Bend the Knee

Teacher: Jerry Wierwille

“Worship” is a common word that is often thrown around in Christianity. But what few people realize is that there is a lot more to worshipping God than prayer, going to church, and singing praise. A large and overlooked part of worship involves sacrifice. Part of our worship is giving up things that hinder us from picking up our cross and following Jesus—becoming a disciple is an act of worship because a life of following Jesus consists of a life of sacrifice. In this teaching, “When It Hurts to Bend the Knee,” Jerry Wierwille lays out a dimension of worshipping God that cuts to the very heart of the Christian faith: worship involves sacrifice. Worship is about obeying God even when we don’t feel like it or want to. Being a follower of Christ means that we must forsake ourselves and follow him, no matter the cost.

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