Spirit & Truth Podcast

What in the World Are We Doing?

Spirit & Truth Podcast
What in the World Are We Doing?

Teacher: Jerry Wierwille

As Christians, we are often warned about the perils of getting too involved in the world. We’re told not to love the things of the world; not to conform to the world; and to keep the commandment unstained while we are living in this world. With all of these instructions, it can be difficult to know how we should truly conduct ourselves in the world—to know what, in the world, we are doing!

In this live teaching from our 2017 20’s and 30’s Conference in Paducah, KY, Jerry Wierwille takes a look into Scripture to determine what it means to be of the world; what it means to be in the world; what things can tarnish the teaching of the Word; and how God admonishes us to keep His commandments unstained while we navigate life and maintain a steadfast faith in a fallen world.

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