Spirit & Truth Podcast

It’s Okay To Enjoy Your Life

Spirit & Truth Podcast
It’s Okay To Enjoy Your Life

Teacher: John Schoenheit

There is a belief within Christian denominations that we don’t deserve and should not pursue happiness in this life, or that the Bible says we aren’t supposed to enjoy ourselves—life should only be taken seriously and sober-mindedly at all times. But is that really God’s intention for us?

In this teaching on It’s Okay To Enjoy Your Life, John Schoenheit explores a godly and biblical perspective on happiness in this life—how God relates to it, what He wants us to experience in this life, and how He designed us both to labor and to feel joy and rejoice as His children dancing before Him. We pray this teaching will inspire deep joy and happiness in your life and in your walk with our Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus Christ!

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