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Teachings from Spirit and Truth, a worldwide community of Christians who desire to make known the written Word of God so as to proclaim the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ.
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  1. 8 Watts of Willingness

    There is great value in having a heart to do God’s will and to serve Him as a faithful vessel, even if we feel unequipped or underprepared to do so. If we are willing to remove the distractions from our lives and seek to do what God and Jesus ...


  2. The Real Christmas Story

    Teacher: John Schoenheit The birth of Christ is a very important subject, and the traditional Christmas story surrounding it not only contains a large amount of error, but it also presents a cold, hard, and lonely picture about the circumstances of Jesus’ arrival. In reality, his birth was an account of ...


  3. It’s Okay To Enjoy Your Life

    Teacher: John Schoenheit There is a belief within Christian denominations that we don’t deserve and should not pursue happiness in this life, or that the Bible says we aren’t supposed to enjoy ourselves—life should only be taken seriously and sober-mindedly at all times. But is that really God’s intention for us? In ...


  4. No Retirement

    Teacher: Dennis Hickman The following is a live teaching recorded from our Thursday night virtual fellowship. If you’re interested in learning more about this weekly online fellowship, please visit stfonline.org/fellowship. In this teaching on No Retirement, Dennis Hickman explores the importance of our individual calling and how each of us is redeemed to ...


  5. The Shema of Deuteronomy 6:4

    Despite the fact that adversity is a part of everyone’s life, people exert a lot of effort trying to avoid it. This mindset of seeking ease and comfort can limit us in seeing how God can and does use adversity to work powerfully with us. Having a proper attitude ...