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  1. Ep 34 - Pride Can Be Deadly (Prov. 16.18)

    Pride makes us think more highly of ourselves than we should, and it produces in us a sense of overconfidence and self-importance. When we are full of pride, we can lose sight of thinking things through clearly and sensibly. Thus, as a consequence, pride leads us to experience ...


  2. Ep 33 - Discern Your Steps (Prov. 14.15)

    Being naïve means having a general lack of understanding about people and the world, which leads to a person being gullible. When critical thinking is absent, we tend to not discern our circumstances and fall prey to unexpected consequences. Discernment requires time and effort to gain an awareness ...


  3. Ep 32 - Take Care of Your Flocks (Prov. 27:23-24)

    Everything in life requires attention in order to grow and prosper. We each have “flocks” in our lives that need diligent oversight and “treasure” that won’t last forever. We can’t think everything will work itself out on its own. Things don’t just take care of themselves! Instead, we must ...


  4. Ep 31 - Arrogance is for the Fool (Prov. 14.16)

    The wise person fears Yahweh and does not over-estimate themselves but is sensible and even-tempered, unlike the fool that is cocky and self-reliant, recklessly endangering themselves because they fail to see the need for any concern or restraint. The fool laughs in the face of evil thinking that ...


  5. Ep 30 - Don't Boast About Yourself (Prov. 27:2)

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